Our Focus 

Inter-sectional FEMINISM

Our organisation is guided by feminist principles. We strongly advocate for equality. Our goal is to see more Feminist youth ages 15-30 in leadership positions nation wide.

Advocacy, Civic Spaces, Human Rights & Awareness

We are passionate about advocating for the protection and promotion of human rights of sexual minorities, indigenous persons and Women and increasing civic spaces to aid discussions on freedom and gender equality. Women's Rights , Intersex Awareness, Transgender Awareness, LBTIQ Rights, Refugee Rights, Rights of Human Rights Defenders, Legal Aid

Technical , Vocational Education and Training. TVET

Simma Africa opened a Vocational School in 2016 that equips LBTIQ persons, Womxn ,Youth and Refugees with employable skills that have enabled them to start businesses of their own...

Photo Journalism

Documenting the lives of LBTIQ  Persons, Activists, Human Rights Defenders, Feminists, Artists and Young Leaders in Africa 


In 2016 a group of feminist Intersex and Transgender women who faced stigma, discrimination and social challenges at workplaces founded Simma Africa Creative Arts Foundation a non-profit membership organization

The school focuses on TVET, GBV awareness, Financial, English and Digital Literacy, Counseling, Capacity Building and Economic Empowerment of Women, LGBTIQ Refugee Youth in East and Central  Uganda.

We chose humanitarian work because we faced discrimination from family and society and we have dealt with trauma and helping others overcome the same trauma is something we passionate about. 



We work in Kenya Uganda and South Sudan.



Queer Fashion 2018, 

Hair Chronicles East Africa

Digital Security and Literacy for HRDs in East Africa



Trained 17 peer educators who sensitize communities on SOGI , GBV and LBTI rights.



class of 2016 - 37

class of 2017 - .52

class of 2018 - 71

class of 2019 - 97

Current Projects 

This is a Clarion call to help us cater to the needs of our members who are falling prey to different issues that have risen out of the COVID19 pandemic.

We work with feminists aged 15 to 30. We take a holistic approach to tackling gender inequalities. Our approach recognizes that change is needed to support women and girls' awareness, capacities and abilities, and to create opportunities and an enabling environment for empowerment. We collaborate with feminist organizations, human rights activists,...

Intersex persons face violence, discrimination, stigma, harassment, and persecution on account of their sex characteristics, which do not fit binary notions of typical male or female bodies.

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